Revitol Acnezine Study Group Gets New Location Following Fire

The Revitol Acnezine Study Group received a new meeting location this week, after a fire at our previous location destroyed everything and left us without a place to conduct our weekly study groups.

The new meeting location was donated to us by Bloomington Towing Services. We saw they needed a place for their study groups, they didn’t have the money for another location and no one else was stepping up, so we did, said a spokesperson from BTS.

The new meeting grounds aren’t quite as posh as the group is used to; the workers at Bloomington Towing Services closed off and remodeled a section of their garage, laying down carpet, moving in couches, chairs, reading lamps, etc.

It’s simply awesome, what these guys did for us is truly amazing and they are a blessing not only to us, but to the community as well, said Leah Thomas, group leader of the Revitol Acnezine Study Group.



Following the initial step from Bloomington Towing Services, the community began to pitch in as well, with numerous individuals, families, business owners, and more, stopping by the garage to donate furniture, laptops, money, some even dropped off food donations.

BTS wasn’t without their supporters though, as many people showed up to show their support for their local towing service as well; dropping off cash donations, thank you cards, words of encouragement, balloons, and more.

There were even a few local schools that had classrooms of children hand-writing/drawing thank you cards.

Truly a great act on the part of BTS, followed by more great acts as our community banded together to help one of their own in their time of need.

Though we must confess that we are not exactly sure what kind of research or benefit or goal the Revitol Acnezine Study Group aims to achieve or accomplish from now on, we do know that we now have a rather comfortable environment in which to do it in, as well as all of the resources needed to get it done.

So let’s study on, in the name of acne!